Royalty free music for use in videos, generated by artificial intelligence

Royalty free music

Getting music on the web for some multimedia project, whether it is a video, podcast or some other work of similar characteristics, requires a meticulous work of selection, because the license under which the audio is shared defines the margins within which its use is allowed.

There are many alternatives for obtaining royalty free music tracks. In fact, some time ago we elaborated a selection with our favorite options. However, the alternative we are reviewing today follows a different pattern than the previous options. It is not a sound bank or a curated music library, but a music generator powered by artificial intelligence.

It is Soundraw, a tool that generates music from seven different genres, offering variations on them according to the mood indicated and the profile pursued by the video or work in which it is intended to be used.

After providing those data, the platform will generate 30 royalty free music tracks automatically, which can be pre-listened before proceeding to edit or download.

Through a simple editor, several settings can be made to customize the generated track. Its melodic structure, duration, note scale and even BPM (measured speed in beats per minute) can be adjusted, to give a personalized touch to the track.

If you use Soundraw as an alternative to get the soundtrack of your next video, you can upload a sample clip to the platform, to preview it together with the music editor.

Although this portal is preferably designed for Chrome and its derived browsers, in Firefox it works smoothly.

An ambitious leap that the team plans to make after Soundraw is the future publication of a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, which would allow you to generate and import music while working directly from those popular applications of the Adobe multimedia suite.

Unlike other AI-based music generators we have previously reviewed, such as AiMi, Mubert, Amadeus Code and EōN; this alternative takes its creations beyond the auditory delight of its users, as it allows downloading the generated material for use in derivative works, even if these have a commercial purpose.

Soundraw music can be used in almost any way, except for one important restriction: it is forbidden to distribute these tracks in song format unchanged (such as a Soundcloud or Spotify release, for example).

This tool is a young project, as it dates back to February 2020 and was opened to the public less than a month ago. It originated in Japan, where the proposal was well received commercially, patented in the support of a number of local investors who in total contributed 65 million yen for its financing, a figure close to 600 thousand dollars.

Soundraw is still in the beta phase. For this reason, its services are offered completely free of charge. The launch of its definitive version, which would contain more sound options to use, the aforementioned plug-in and other improvements is scheduled for October, so there is still time to take a closer look and take advantage of what it has to offer.

A good alternative to vary from the content offered by the classic sound banks in search of something more original and royalty free music, respecting the copyright and the corresponding broadcasting permissions.