Tips for choosing the right boat and crew for crossing the Atlantic

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In this post we want to advise those who are considering renting a boat, or participating as a crew member in an Atlantic crossing in a sailboat. 

In response to requests from people with a greater or lesser degree of experience are raised this challenge. We want to put in common, that in pages like Marinemax Reviews, you will be able to find reviews of previous clients on the service that the companies offer.

In this way you will have a better idea of what you will receive. Now, we talk about some data to be able to make the best decision:

Types of boats suitable:

If we take a look at the list of the ARC as the largest ocean race in number of participating boats, we will see that there are boats of different types and lengths. 

However, most of the boats are above 40 feet. In our opinion, despite the fact that you can cross the Atlantic with almost any length, if we are going to choose a boat, we must think of a minimum length that provides some safety and comfort. 

We understand that it should be around 50 feet for a mono-hull, and 40 feet for a multi-hull. On the other hand, depending on our objective, we will look for cruise or regatta type boats.

Some aspects that we should always demand on board of an Atlantic ship:

  • Security. 

We must know if the ship has the corresponding Life Raft, Rabiobaliba (EPIRB), SART Transponder, life jackets for all the crew members, fire-fighting material, pyrotechnics, harnesses, First Aid Kit, etc. as well as the navigation area of the ship, and the date of the last revision of the safety material affected to revisions. 

We will also have to request the insurance policy of the boat, since the owner will not only be obliged to maintain it in force, but will also have to foresee the coverage in case of participation in a Regatta if it is the case.

Find out what other clients think about the security offered by boats and companies, in pages like Marinemax Reviews you can have a look.

  • Communications. 

We will have to check which communications the boat will use. Nowadays there are different options:

  1. SSB (Single Side Band). Before the emergence of satellite communications was the only way to get a communication in ocean navigation.
  2. Satellite Communication. INMARSAT, formed by 4 geostationary satellites
  3. Satellite phones of the type : Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya.
  • Comfort. 

It will be important to know how many people are going to go on board, if there will be possibility of an own cabin, or to contract one if we are going to go accompanied, as the guards have been arranged, or as the meals have been foreseen. 

Especially on racing boats it is not unusual to find so This can be an inconvenience for many people.

  • The appearance of the boat and its maintenance. 

Knowing details about its general maintenance, material of respect on board, tools and spare parts, as well as the date of revision of its engines, the aspect of its rigging and its rigging both firm and working, will be fundamental to evaluate the suitability in our choice.

The crew and the skipper of the boat

It is essential to know the profile of the skipper, his experience in this type of sailing or other similar ones, especially in regattas and large sailing trips. As well as, if he is going to be accompanied by support crew, what degree of involvement is going to be demanded on board and if it is going to be in line with what we are looking for.

We must be very aware that the experience is fundamental, but also the personality and the «feeling», because we will be many weeks together. 

Let’s not forget about issues such as: professional qualifications, and type of insurance. Both the boat, as the activity itself (called Maritime Liability). It is essential to be well covered at all levels.

Therefore, we recommend that at least there is a previous communication with the skipper, and know their vision of the journey, and the type of crew members targeted: experience required, ages, profile, among others.

We hope that this post is useful to help you choose the right boat and service, remember that in assessment pages such as Marinemax Reviews you can see what other people who have made the trip think.