Seals for bottles: Types of lids for plastic containers

seals for bottles

People who start in the business world, where you need to bottle a product, will have in their mind a very unique question, which at some point even large companies had in their beginnings: what types of lid or seals for bottles and plastic containers is ideal for what I want to sell?

Although it may seem simple, the choice of a lid for plastic containers is not, because it is necessary to carry out a market study to see which one is the most convenient at an economic level, and that at the same time is to the consumer’s liking at the time of its use.

In order to choose the ideal one, we will see below the types of caps for wholesale or retail plastic containers that we will find in the market and what each of them is used for.

Hinge cap: they are one of the most used models due to their versatility and ease of use. They are available in different colors such as black, white and transparent, and are generally for diameters of B24 and B28. 

However, other diameters are not ruled out and can be made to order. Their use is limited to liquid products such as fragrances, oils or shampoos, among others.

Distop cap: it is another alternative very similar to the previous one, however, its mechanism and use is completely different, since it is more for creamy products or products of greater consistency such as body lotions or shampoo, because its operation is by means of pressure of seals for bottles.

Pressure seal cap: it is a very safe alternative to pack pills inside a plastic bottle, because the security seal gives a touch of reliability to the user that the product is completely sealed and it was not altered at any time after its placement. It is also used for liquids such as alcohol.

Tamper-evident screw cap: this type is very versatile and widely used in large industries where water or soft drinks are bottled. Its security seal system keeps the liquid protected from any leakage until it is opened for the first time.

Screw cap: this is one of the most common types of plastic container caps used to contain sauces, jams, gels and creams. In fact, it is the lid of choice for industries due to the variety of diameters available in the market and for users due to the safety it provides when it comes to closing and preserving the product.

Spray cap: they are another option for colognes or sprays of any liquid product to be dispersed in a place. Another variant of this type is the trigger gun that fulfills the same function of dispersing the contained liquid, but unlike the other, we see this one a lot in hairdressers or beauty salons as the main tool of the stylist to wet the hair.

As you can see there are many types of caps for plastic containers or seals for bottles that can be used for different products, but these are not the only ones. There are others like the dosing pump or caps like: mushroom, cannula and standard.